Don't judge a book by its cover ... unless it's my new book cover, in which case, isn't it lovely?

Today is super special, and not just because it's the first day of December or Eat a Red Apple Day (yes, that is apparently a thing) or because NaNoWriMo is finally ready to release me from its relentless, demanding clutches (*sheds tears of joy*). 

Grab your keytar and your dancing shoes and throw a fistful of confetti because today is the day I get to show off my new book cover!


I am thrilled to reveal the face of my upcoming novel The Second Life of Ava Rivers, which will be published by Razorbill in August of next year. Ready? I'm so ready.





Simple, elegant, intriguing, I think this cover hints at the strange, beautiful, sister-y mystery inside it. And the best part is it has a blurb by one of my favorites, bestselling author Kathleen Glasgow, on the cover!

giphy (7).gif

The book will be available for pre-order next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, I'll share the copy from the back galley cover:

Ava's disappearance was the crack in the Rivers family glacier. I wish I could explain to you how we were before, but I can't, because the before is so filmy and shadowed with the after.

The after is all Vera remembers. When her twin sister Ava disappeared one Halloween night, her childhood became a blur of theories, tips, and leads, but never any answers. The case made headlines, shocked Vera's Northern California community, and turned her family into tragic celebrities. 

Now, at eighteen, Vera is counting down the days until she starts her new life at college in Portland, Oregon, far away from the dark cloud she and family have lived under for twelve years. But all that changes when a girl shows up at the local hospital. 

Her name is Ava Rivers and she wants to go home.

Ava's return begins to mend the fractures in the Rivers family. Vera and Ava's estranged older brother returns. Vera reconnects with Max, the sweet, artistic boy from her childhood. Their parents smile again. But the questions remain: Where was Ava all these years? And who is she now? 

While pre-order won't be here 'til next week, Goodreads is always open. So feel free to head over there and add it to your "to read" list and spread the cover reveal love all over social media.