An open letter to the human who says their daughter will love my book

Dear human who tells me your daughter will love my book,

I'm very grateful that you think your teen or pre-teen daughter will want to read my book and that you will be buying my book for her. Your daughter is probably awesome. Your daughter is at that age where her brain is a sponge and the books she reads now will be unforgettable and as an author, that's a privilege. But, my dear human, I think you will like my book too. 

I know you see that label "young adult" and think it's like trying to squeeze into pants from the junior's section but I promise you, like most labels, it's kind of meaningless. Yes, my books are about girls in high school or just out of high school. But guess what? I spent a lot of my life as a young lady reading books about the trials and/or tribulations of old white dudes and it was just called "literature."